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Those varicose veins that are so unsightly are about to disappear. Get rid of your varicose veins with a simple and pain-free injection of etoxisclerol, a liquid substance able to bring them to an end. You will achieve the dreamed legs you ...   Leer más »
Check the health of your breasts with a mammography and a gynecologic visit.   Leer más »
It is possible for you to improve your expression or to reduce those small wrinkles with the injection of Botulinum toxin. An alternative to the surgery that has immediate effects and that will visibly improve your appearance.   Leer más »
The gynecologic regular visits help to discard and prevent health problems, like breast cancer or cervix cancer. Women are recommended to search their gynecologist once a year once they have sexual relationships.   Leer más »
Reduce volume and put an end to the orange peel skin. Eliminate efficiently the cellulite placing yourself in the hands of our group of specialist doctors in aesthetic surgery.   Leer más »