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ASANES specialties

Anesthesiology, Resuscitation And Pain Management

     Anesthesiology is the medical specialty that develops the necessary techniques for a surgical procedure without the patient suffering pain. Depending on the kind of surgery, sedation, a neural block, or a general anesthesia, may be required.

     Anesthesiology also takes care of the patient previously to the surgery. It considers the anesthetic risks and, for each patient and kind of surgery, which anesthetic technique would be more suitable. Besides, it watches the clinical evolution of the patient during the procedure and just after it, so the patient feels always comfortable, pain free, and the postsurgical and postanesthetic recovery flows as expected.

     Referring to pain management, it sets the therapies, both pharmacological and injection block techniques, to treat acute postsurgical pain and to alleviate chronic pain. It is very important nowadays to know that the pain can be treated, and that the quality of life of patients with painful diseases can be improved.

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