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Angiology and Vascular Surgery

    Angiology and Vascular Surgery is a combined medical and surgical specialty that takes care of the diagnosis and treatment of those problems that affect blood vessels, except for those-in the head, which belong to another surgical specialty, usually neurosurgery.

    With different image techniques, it studies the state of the blood vessels, as well as the blood flow through them. It uses surgical procedures to treat the diseases of the blood vessels with the aim of improving the blood circulation. In this way, the pain and the decreased function due to problems of blood circulation of an affected limb can be resolved or palliated.

     Surgical procedures that can be performed are different according to the pathology of the vessels. We can use prosthesis to save a vessel dilatation, close vessels, extirpate vessels,  and so on.

     When it is possible, the surgical procedures are performed through minimal invasion, that is, doing very small incisions in the skin, and achieving the region to treat with the aid of catheters. Theses techniques, when they can be performed, are less painful and allow a quicker postsurgical recovery.

Get rid of your varicose veins without surgery
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Saphenectomy – surgery of the varicose veins (one lower limb)
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Saphenectomy – surgery of the varicose veins (both lower limbs)
Eliminate the bulky and painful varicose veins from your legs. You can reduce the sensation on heaviness and the discomfort, and you will improve the appearance of your lower limbs. Place yourself in the hands or our expert surgeons.   Leer más »