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Cardiac Surgery

     The cardiac surgery is a medical specialty that takes care of the study and surgical treatment of the heart diseases, as well as the implantation of systems that may supersede its function, like the extracorporeal circulation systems, the artificial hearts, and the cardiac transplant.

     The surgical techniques of the cardiac surgery are often performed under especial conditions. While the surgeon operates on the heart, blood is pumped by an external system, allowing it to achieve the rest of the body during the time the heart is stopped.

     Cardiac surgery performs its techniques on the cardiac muscle, on the valves, on the origin of the great vessels that arise from the heart, and on the coronary arteries. These techniques can restore the function of all of these elements in a proper way; for example, when there is an obstruction of the coronary arteries, we can put a vein graft to restore the blood flow. When there is a valve problem, we can repair it, or we can replace it with another valve, that can be metallic or biological.

     Cardiac surgery can also perform specific techniques to treat the heart arrhythmias.

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