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    Cardiology is a medical specialty that takes care of the diagnosis and treatment of the heart diseases. It studies the functioning of the heart muscle, the heart valves and the heart blood vessels (mainly the coronary arteries) with the aid of conventional image techniques like ultrasound, CT, MRI, and more specific ones, like Nuclear Medicine.

     It also can give drugs to activate the heart muscle, so to study how it will respond in a stress situation, like sports practice or a surgical procedure.

     It settles too which therapies can improve cardiac muscle function, valve function or coronary arteries flow.

     In the last decades, a new interventionist wave has evolved in the field of cardiology, which performs the coronary catheterization and the cardiac electrophysiology studies. This way, if there is an obstruction of a coronary artery, it can be expanded and maintained with the use of a stent. If there is a problem in the electrical conduction system of the heart, like an arrhythmia, an ablation of the aberrant pathway can be made.

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