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    Dermatology is the medical specialty that studies the skin and the diseases that affect it, offering their prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

     One important part of the Dermatology is its aesthetic branch, based in the restoration and maintenance of the physical appearance, without the need of surgery.

     Among the multiple aesthetic treatments than can be offered by Dermatology we can underline the following ones:
  • Collagen and hyaluronic acid injections for lip augmentation
  • Techniques of facial rejuvenation with radiofrequency, laser, peeling, mesotherapy
  • Botox injection to reduce wrinkles and expression fine lines
  • Elimination of skin spots
  • Facial and body microdermabrasion
  • Elimination of spider veines
  • Treatment of the cellulite
  • Elimination of the body hair through different techniques
  • Treatment of the alopecia

     In ASANES, we work with highly skilled specialists in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. Ask us.

Say goodbye to your wrinkles without surgery – Botulinum toxin injection
It is possible for you to improve your expression or to reduce those small wrinkles with the injection of Botulinum toxin. An alternative to the surgery that has immediate effects and that will visibly improve your appearance.   Leer más »
Wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid
Does that deep wrinkle in your forehead bother you? Dou you want to get rid of those wrinkles on the upper lip? Or maybe is it the case that the expression lines produced by smiling upset you? Don’t think about it anymore, and decide ...   Leer más »
Moles inspection
Are you worried about the effect of the sun on your skin? Have your moles reviewed before the summer, and stay calm.   Leer más »
Get your hair back with the hair transplant
Dou you want your hair back and have a younger appearance? Thanks to the hair transplant you can say goodbye to the baldness achieving a natural look. Trust our expert dermatologists in ASANES to get your hair back.   Leer más »