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Gynecology and Obstetrics

     Gynecology is the medical specialty that takes care of the female reproductive system. Therefore, gynecologists are specialists who treat matters related to the uterus, ovaries and vagina. Diseases like uterine cancer or cervix cancer, myomas, endometriosis, and others, are diagnosed and treated by these professionals.

     Every woman must go to a gynecologist for checkups on a regular basis, to enjoy a full healthy life and avoid future problems with her reproductive organs.

     In the field of Gynecology, there is a branch exclusively devoted to the pregnancy, the delivery and the puerperium, and that is called Obstetrics. Most gynecologists are obstetricians too. When a woman gets pregnant, it is mandatory for her to search for these specialists for her care and her future baby’s.

     In ASANES, we work with highly skilled specialists in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Ask us.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer
Check the health of your breasts with a mammography and a gynecologic visit.   Leer más »
Complete gynecologic screening
The gynecologic regular visits help to discard and prevent health problems, like breast cancer or cervix cancer. Women are recommended to search their gynecologist once a year once they have sexual relationships.   Leer más »
Bartholinitis - Drainage of Bartholin’s abscess
Stop the pain caused by the inflammation of the Bartholin glands with a quick and simple surgery   Leer más »
Laparoscopic tubal ligation
If you wish a definitive contraceptive method, ask our surgeons for the possibility oh having a laparoscopic tubal ligation, a minimally invasive surgery.   Leer más »
Cesarean section – Your baby’s birth by C section
Place yourself in our expert gynecologists in one of the most especial moments of your life.   Leer más »
The delivery – Your baby’s birth
Trust our specialists when your baby is born.   Leer más »
Conization, study of the uterine cervix
Diagnosis and treatment of the cervix disease.   Leer más »
Hysteroscopy – Diagnosis of gynecologic problems
Do you have polyp issues? The hysteroscopy, a minimally invasive diagnostic-therapeutic technique is able to solve your problems easily.   Leer más »
Do you suffer from myomas? Eliminate them with a safe and simple technique. Place yourself in our specialists’ hands to remove these benign tumors.   Leer más »
Laparoscopic ovarian cyst surgery
Ask our surgeon about the lesions in your ovaries, like cysts, than can be treated through a minimally invasive technique.   Leer más »
Partial mastectomy – Resection of small tumors in the breasts
Sometimes, to solve your oncologic problems, the resection of the part of the breast that includes the tumor is enough. Your gynecologist or oncologist will tell you the process to follow.   Leer más »
Radical mastectomy – Extirpation of the breast with axillary clearance
In oncologic surgery, sometimes it is advisable the whole resection of the breast as well as its axillary nodes. Your oncologist and your gynecologist will indicate the most appropriate for you.   Leer más »
Simple mastectomy – Extirpation of a breast in oncologic processes
Breast cancer can produce tumors that, for their elimination, require the extirpation of the whole breast, and this procedure is known as simple mastectomy.   Leer más »
Radical mastectomy with immediate reconstruction
The joined work of gynecologists and plastic surgeons allow the resection and the reconstruction of the breast at a time. Place yourself in our group of specialists’ hands, who will recommend the most suitable for you   Leer más »
Surgical treatment of the endometriosis through laparoscopic approach
Improve your quality of life alleviating the pain caused by endometriosis through a minimally invasive approach   Leer más »
Surgery for the urinary incontinence – The solution for the urine leaks.
When the physical therapies of the pelvic floor or other nonsurgical techniques have not improved your urinary incontinence, the surgery may be the solution. Our group of gynecologists will evaluate your individual case and will provide you...   Leer más »
Total abdominal hysterectomy
Sometimes, the problems in your uterus require a surgical treatment, that can consist  in the extirpation of the uterus, a process also known as hysterectomy.   Leer más »
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (extirpation of the uterus)
Frequently, uterine diseases require a surgical treatment that consists of the extirpation of the uterus, also known as hysterectomy.   Leer más »