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     Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) is the specialty of medicine that studies and treats the diseases of the ear, nose, pharynx and larynx. Besides, it can perform several treatments on some close structures, like the face and the neck.

     Some subspecialties of the ORL are:
  • Rhinology: It studies and treats the diseases of the nose and its structures, sometimes with functional or aesthetic purposes. Some examples of these problems are the polyposis nasi, the rhinitis, and the deviations of the nasal septum.
  • Otology: It studies and treats the disease of the ear, like otitis, hypoacusis, vertigo, Meniere’s syndrome, otosclerosis, and other balance problems.
  • Laryngology: It is the subspecialty that diagnoses and treats the affections of the larynx and the voice disorders.
  • Oncologic ORL: It treats the cancerous processes that affect the ear, the nose, and the larynx.
  • Pediatric ORL
     Other problems commonly treated by this specialty are: thyroid disease, adenoid hypertrophy, recurrent tonsillitis, tonsil hypertrophy, sleep apnea, and other aesthetic and/or functional problems of the nose and ears.

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Tonsillectomy with radiofrequency
The exaggerated size of the tonsils, as well as the recurrent tonsillitis, can be solved extirpating the tonsils, which are found in the throat. To treat this problem, place yourself in our specialist surgeons’ hands.    Leer más »
Adenoidectomy with radiofrecuency
Recurrent otitis, respiratory difficulty and snoring, can be due to the increase in the size of the adenoids. Have this problem treated placing yourself in our expert surgeons’ hands.   Leer más »
Goodbye to the sleep apnea with the DaVinci robot
It is estimated that a 25 per cent of the population can suffer from sleep apnea. Stop its bothering symptoms like snores, headaches, sleep problems and mood disorders. Place yourself in our professionals’ hands to end with this probl...   Leer más »